Universal 36-Volt Battery Watering System With Gravity Feed Tank


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Battery Watering System With Gravity Feed Tank 36-volt System Universal (6x 6 volt Batteries)

This Golf Cart Battery Watering system is designed to give you the parts you need to make your own one point watering system for your golf cart batteries or any application (Boats, Golf Cart, RV, Solar System, Yacht, etc.) that operates on six 6-volt batteries.  If you are looking for a quality watering system for your golf cart, this kit is designed by BWT (Battery Watering Technologies), is it. We also offer battery watering systems for 48-volt golf carts or applications.

Your kit will include everything you need to complete the battery watering system for your battery bank.


This is an un-assembled kit that requires the tubing being cut between battery cells and the batteries. Cut to length and trim tubing to connect each cell within the battery system to give it a perfect fit.

This kit will fit ALL 6 volt batteries not designed for 12 volt batteries like the Trojan T1275 and Plus Series.

This system uses the longer arm battery Valves VB-TBB (1.73″) vs the shorter arm found in the VB-TBY valves. The shorter valve is required in most 12 volt batteries because the lead plates take up more space within the battery case and come up closer to the top of the battery and individual cells.  These valves sit in each cell and floats attached to the arms move it up and down depending on the water level internally to determine electrolyte levels. If the valve arm is bottomed out on the lead plates it will always give a false reading that the batteries have enough water in each cell even though they could be totally empty or only half full.   The only thing that is required during installation is a rag and some scissors or razor blade. In some applications the tubing connecting each cell will need to be cut or trimmed to give it a perfect fit. Our tubing is very durable, resistant to all things related but very easy to cut with a razor, sharp knife, scissors or cutter type pliers.

You can refer to our Blog Post for installation instructions and when your system is delivered you will receive a easy to use installation guide.

Battery Watering System - 36 volt - 6x 6 volt batteries - MHAK1800BGLFBCTBY

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in


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