Club Car Speed Code


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Club Car Speed Code

If you would like to make your late model Club Car Golf Cart go a little faster a Club Car Speed Code might be the ticket for you. There are numerous things you can do to make your golf cart go faster. Motor upgrades, controller upgrades, gear changes, battery voltage increase, etc… but the easiest way to squeak another 5-6 mph out of an otherwise stock golf cart currently running 12-14mph is to re-program the Curtis Controller with a high speed code.

We will need to know the Vin#/Serial Number off of your golf cart and you will need to verify it still has the original controller in place. You can determine this by removing the rear access cover to see in beyond the rear end and motor. On newer Club Car Precedents and DS carts you will need to remove the plastic cover over the controller/solenoid mounting location and then note the numbers on the controller. On 12v Precedents 2004-2008 you will be looking under the plastic cover between the batteries below the seat.

Once you have this information you can check out and put this information in order notes at checkout. You will then receive the code to unlock the cart and increase its performance via email provided during checkout.

Special Note – You will still need to find a shop or individual with a Curtis Controller/Programmer to be able to plug into the carts system and re-program the controller with your new Club Car Speed Code.

Also note it the responsibility of the you, the customer, to give us accurate information to get the correct code for your controller. If you do not, the code you will receive will not work, nor will you get another code without paying for it as we get billed by Club Car every time we ask for a new code.

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