Energizer 9v Rechargeable Battery 1pk (NH22NBP)


Energizer 9v Rechargeable Battery 1pk (NH22NBP) 

Energizer Recharge 9v size rechargeable batteries deliver more power in every charge. That extra power makes them ideal for the power-hungry devices in your life like digital cameras, handheld GPS, RC cars or toys and electronic games. High-tech electronics demand high-powered batteries and this is the rechargeable battery that lets you enjoy your toys over and over. For best results, pair your Energizer Recharge batteries with Energizer chargers.

Rechargeable Battery Specs

More power in every charge

  • Longer-lasting performance for higher-drain devices
  • the #1 selling rechargeable battery brand in the world
  • Always ready when you need power
  • Can be charged 100’s of times
    BATTERY TYPE Rechargeable
    VOLTS 8.4 V
    SIZE 9V
    TERMINAL Miniature Snap
    CAPACITY 175mAh
Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 1.043 × 0.688 × 1.9 in





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