GEM Car Electric Motor High Speed Series 0613-00959


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GEM Car Electric Motor High Speed Series 0613-00959

This High Speed GEM Golf Cart Electric Motor is designed for ALL GEM model carts. If you are looking for MORE speed this is the electric golf cart motor you will want! This motor will provide approx 50% more power than the stock motor. If you need more speed or acceleration and still want reliability this is it. All our GEM car motors are vented to withstand higher operating temperatures and perform better. Rated at 6000 RPM whereas the stock GEM motor is only rated at 4000 RPM. Capable of 4100 RPM

This motor will replace the 3.5HP, 5hp, and 7hp motors. Easy installation Plug-N-Play!

This set up is ideal for a street cart, community cruising and mostly flat terrain. The Motor Spline count is 19 . If you are running a 4 passenger carts hauling people or pulling hills or running all terrain tires you will want to check out our Gem Car High Torque and Speed Motor.

All Of Our high performance GEM motors are Made in the USA! Better quality and performance then all others. More copper and more steel mean more power. This allows for greater current flow and better thermal capabilities. Less current draw equates to better efficiency and that equals longer run time or greater vehicle range. 180 C Thermal Rating (Class H) This high performance golf cart motor meets or exceeds the Class H thermal rating specifications.


Looking for a high performance GEM Car Motor?

  • Do you own a 72 volt E2 or E4 GEM Car?
  • With Dana axle? ( 19 Spline Count )
  • Is your GEM vehicle used on road and flat terrain?
  • NO controller programming?

If you answered YES to ALL these questions this is the motor for you. Otherwise To Confirm this is the Best Setup for your application and performance requirements give us a call.

Performance Specifications:

  • Application – Direct Replacement – Road use/Flat Terrian
  • Performance – Speed
  • Speed Enhancement : %
  • Torque Enhancement : %
  • Motor RPM :
  • Peak HP : 11hp
  • Spline – 19 Tooth (Dana)
  • Additional Information: Replaces OEM Part # Advanced DC 0613-00959, GJ0-4001, 0613-00008, 0613-00248, 0613-00541, 061, 00724, 2412172, 2412173, 241501, 5BC59JBS6300A, 5BC49JB6007, 5BC59JBS6368A, D6368

Golf Cart performance specs are compared to the standard factory performance. Several factors can effect the performance. Some are battery conditions; tire size, tread type and air pressure; and varying environmental conditions. 

If you do not know what you need but know what you want call us today and we will help make sure you order the correct set up for your needs.

Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 16 × 16 in


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