Golf Cart 48V Voltage Reducer (produces 30A of 12V Power)


This Golf Cart Voltage Reducer 48v to 12v 30amp fits all makes and models of golf carts operating on a 36 or 48 volt battery system. Whether you own a EZGO or a Club Car, Colombia, Fairplay, Parcar, Tomberlin, Yamaha, etc…. This is more designed for a low amperage load like you running lights and brake lights.

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Golf Cart Voltage Reducer 48v to 12v 30amp

If you own a golf cart and want to run 12 Volt powered accessories you will need a golf cart voltage reducer. Most if not all 12 Volt DC powered accessories operate on a constant 12 volts DC. That means 12 volts not 11.2v or 10.5 or any other number. Just 12 volts ( some accessories or devices will allow for a surge or drop in voltage momentarily but not constantly or consistently) The operating voltage for a device or accessory is exactly that  – “The Operating Voltage”. Otherwise the performance of  your device or accessories will be intermittent as is your voltage. Clean voltage is required to operate 12 volt accessories optimally and this is where a voltage reducer comes into play. So now lets talk specifically on and about your  golf cart. Depending on your golf carts operating voltage and the use or needs of said cart will dictate which golf cart voltage reducer you will need.  As of today there are hundreds of aftermarket accessories that operate on 12 volts for your golf cart. Head lights, Tail lights (lights in general),Stereo systems, Cooling fans, USB chargers for your cell phones,  etc… So the amount of 12 volt accessories you intend to add or currently run on your golf cart will determine the 12 volt amperage required to maintain the systems performance. The voltage reduction will be determined by the golf carts operating voltage. As in Gem cars, Polaris or Tomberlins use a 72 volt system, Club Car, Evgo and Yamaha run either 48 volt or 36 volt systems. Learn how to determine the operating voltage in your golf cart. If you already know the operating voltage and just want to Learn how to determine 12 volt operating amperage on your golf cart before before purchasing a  golf cart voltage reducer.

Features and Benefits:

  • Quality DC to DC Converter
  • Provides clean, constant 12v power to your 12 volt accessories
  • Draws power equally & cleanly from entire battery bank ( 36v or 48v)
  • Low Profile for ease of Installation
  • For 36/48V vehicles
  • 30 amp max output


  • Operating Voltage – 48v/36v to 12 volt DC
  • Dimensions – 5″ x 3″ x 1.75″
  • IP65 Rated ( Water Resistant)
  • 30 Amp Rating
  • Made In USA

All of Our Golf Cart Voltage Reducers are energy efficient, long lasting devices that will reduce the power consumption on an individual golf cart battery and make sure the 12 volt accessories you are running work properly. We always suggests you use a golf cart voltage reducer whenever installing 12 volt accessories.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3.5 × 3.5 in


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