Golf Cart Digital LCD Tach Hour Meter Self Powered


LCD Self Powered Digital Tach/Maintenance/Hour meter. Can be used on golf carts, lawn mowers ,motorcycles, tractors, snowmobiles, and other gas powered equipment.

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Looking for a new golf cart hour meter with tachometer? You have come to the right place! This is our favorite easy to install device. Universal fit.  Also, since it is self-powered, there is no need to spend all day running wires. Great quality and great value.

Tachometer is a device to measure the gas engine working time and real-time RPM value, which detected signal by spark plug. Multi-colored back lights remind the RPM or maintenance period status, Program the initial hours to replace an old hour meter, User shutdown can be save the battery lifetime with data retained, Waterproof design can be used for any external bad conditions.

Features and Benefits: 

●  Tachometer—-RPM / Max RPM / Alert RPM
●  Hour Meter—- Total hours / The initial time can be set
●  Resettable JOB timer
●  Maintenance service timer
●  Clock
●  RPM data accuracy adjustment can be set
●  Reminder of back light color change—-Green and Red
●  Back light mode can be set
●  Replaceable internal battery design for data retention
●  Display can be turned off
●  Waterproof IP65

●  Surface screw installation
●  Surface Velcro


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