Lester 36V 21A E-Series II Industrial Battery Charger with Gray SB50 Connector


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Industrial Battery Charger 36 Volt 21 Amp Lester E-Series II

The Lester Electric E-Series II Battery Charger is an industrial grade battery charger for your 36 volt floor scrubber or other 36 volt industrial equipment. This industrial battery charger is designed for 36 volt battery systems and is built using SCR charging technology. E-Series II are industrial-grade SCR battery chargers well suited for use in both specialized applications, such as floor care, industrial vehicles, and aerial work platforms, as well as general-purpose deep-cycle charging applications. With a next-generation control platform and industry-leading intelligence and features.

E-Series II industrial battery chargers provide the superior reliability, durability, and ruggedness expected of a Lester Electrical product. The natural convection cooled design offers excellent heat dissipation without the need for cooling fans making this industrial battery charger 36 volt very reliable. The electronic controls are encapsulated to protect them from moisture, corrosion, shock, and vibration. The next-generation control platform with best-in-class intelligence and features is at the heart of the E-Series II industrial battery charger 36 volt. Industry-leading Lester Electrical charge algorithms prevent both undercharging and overcharging, optimizing both daily battery capacity and overall battery life. The LED indicators also provide clear charge status and troubleshooting information. E-Series II chargers feature advanced storage modes to monitor your batteries and keep them fully charged even when your equipment is not being used for an extended period of time.

An E-Series II charger can also be configured specifically for wet/flooded, AGM, or gel lead-acid deep-cycle batteries. You can select between the primary and secondary charge profile in the field. You can also use the charger’s communication port to change the charge profiles. The E-Series II wet charge profiles also include automatic equalize charge cycles to keep your batteries in top shape. So if you are looking to replace your current Industrial Battery Charger 36 volt look no further because the Lester Electric E-Series II is cutting edge technology for.

Do you really need a new battery charger?  

If you are trying to charge dead batteries, the battery charger will not work! There needs to be a minimum voltage in the batteries. Older Lester chargers need about 70% of normal charge and the newer chargers made beginning in 2004 need to sense only 5 volts. If Batteries are what you need, you have come to the right place! Check out our wide selection of batteries!


  • Make – Lester Electrical
  • Model – Links Series Pt#CHA28090A03
  • AC Input – 110-120VAC
  • DC Output – 36 volt 21 amps
  • Connector – Gray SB50 – (Anderson Style Plug)
  • 2 year limited warranty

Factory Sealed box includes (1)Industrial Battery Charger – 36 Volt – 21 Amp – Lester E-Series II with Gray SB50 Terminal connector.

Weight 36 lbs
Dimensions 12.8 × 9 × 9.9 in
Charger Voltage


Charger Amps


Plug Type

SB50 Gray


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