Odyssey ODS-AGM42LA (formerly PC1200T) Drycell AGM Battery


Odyssey PC1200T Drycell AGM Battery

The Odyssey PC1200T is a 12 volt 1200CA/550CCA 44 Ah drycell battery with “true” deep cycle capabilities. This battery has 1200 cranking amps and 550 cold cranking amps. This is possible because of Odyssey’s use of high purity materials which also makes the internal plates resistant to corrosion and sulfating; the number one cause of battery failure. Odyssey batteries can be discharged and recharged over 400 times before showing any signs of decreasing capacity. This battery can be charged at up to 50 amps and you can use any lead acid charger or alternator that stays below 15.2 volts.

This battery features a One Year Limited Warranty
Note: Failure to follow proper charging protocol resulting in over-charging of battery will void warranty

SPEC SHEET: Odyssey_Battery_ODS-AGM42LA (1)

Weight 38.2 lbs
Dimensions 7.8 × 6.5 × 6.8 in


Cold Cranking Amps




Ah Amp Hours


Cranking Amps


Terminal Type


Positive Handedness

Right Hand Positive Terminal


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