Odyssey PC680MJ 4 Piece Battery Bracket Kit, Includes SAE Terminals and Battery


This Odyssey PC680MJ small battery kit comes with everything you need to get the job done. The battery is a 12 volt 520CA/170CCA 17 Ah drycell battery w/ SAE automotive brass terminals creating Stud or Post battery terminal mounting connection options. capable of delivering up to 520 cranking amps and 170 cold cranking amps. This kit includes the PC680BB which is made from high grade aircraft aluminum to keep the weight down but corrosion resistant and keep things secure under the hood or in the trunk. This kit also includes a new set of Brass SAE Automotive terminals creating Stud or Post battery terminal mounting connections as well as the metal jacket.

This battery features a One Year Limited Warranty. 

Note: Failure to follow proper charging protocol resulting in over-charging of battery will void warranty.

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Odyssey PC680MJ Battery Bracket Kit – Includes SAE Terminals and Battery

One of the greatest features of the Odyssey PC680MJ battery is that it can be mounted in any orientation.  Some applications and custom work requires solutions to unique problems.  This is where are custom PC680 mounting bracket solves the problem. They are great for tuner cars like the popular 240Sx, 280Zx, AE86, light aircraft, Go-Karts, dune buggies, runabouts and small race boats. The Odyssey PC680 battery bracket kit allows you to save some money, while still giving you everything you need to get the job done.  All of our brackets are made from high grade lightweight aluminum which allows for a solid lightweight corrosion resistant mounting bracket compared to traditional hold downs.  This battery bracket can be mounted to any flat surface in any position.  Secure with two screws on each side.  Great for boats, buggies, race cars and more.  The image in this product page will give you an idea of how the battery and the bracket should look when in the correct position before mounting. It has a super tight fit – this CNC precision part is what separates our mounting brackets from the competition.  This almost molded fit is required to insure excessive vibration and rough road conditions don’t damage your power supply.


– Bracket made from lightweight corrosion resistant aluminum

– Can be mounted flat or upright

– Designed for multiple uses

– Great for buggies, cars, and small aircraft

– Brushed finish suitable for painting

– Pre-Drilled mounting holes for ease of installation

– Metal Jacket

Weight 19 lbs
Dimensions 9.5 × 6.25 × 3.1 in


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