Optima Yellowtop Battery 12V 38Ah D51R (9073-167) (fits Acura, Honda, Nissan, Mazda)


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Optima Batteries 9073-167 – Optima YellowTop Deep-Cycle 12-Volt Batteries

The ultimate starting battery for your Acura TSX, Honda Accord, Civic, C-RV with 1.8L or 2.4L engines and Mazda Miata MX-5 with 2.0L engines or the Nissan Versa with 1.6L Engines. This Optima battery is an Upgrade OEM replacement for your original battery. Ultra high-performance SPIRALCELL technology takes AGM (absorbent glass mat) to a new level for your auto, car or truck. The Optima Yellowtop will outperform and outlast traditional batteries in demanding cranking/starting applications. The ultimate high power alternative for your cars electrical system. All Optima Batteries come with Limited Manufacture Warranty.



Group Size: D51R

Optima batteries can be shipped by AIR. This battery is nonspillable and is tested according to ICAO Technical Instructions DOC. 9284-AN/905 to meet the requirements of Packing Instructions No. 806 and is classified as non-regulated by IATA Special Provision A-48 and A-67 for UN2800.

Terminals must be protected from short circuit.

Weight 26 lbs
Dimensions 9.31 × 5.06 × 8.93 in
Ah Amp Hours






BCI Group


Cranking Amps


Cold Cranking Amps



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