Power King 12750 12V- 75Ah SLA Battery IT Terminals

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PowerKing 12750 12V 75Ah SLA BatteryPowerKing Batteries are a quality alternative to your OEM replacement battery at a fraction of the cost. All SLA batteries in sizes ranging from 5Ah to 75Ah offer very similar performance curves in laboratory tests. So why pay more?  Replace yours today with a PowerKing Battery and have peace of mind knowing it will deliver the power requirements your device needs again and again. SLA is short for Sealed Lead Acid. These batteries are found in a wide range of applications from cars, boats, motorcycles, alarm systems, emergency lighting, medical devices, generators and backup power systems and devices. Being they are totally sealed they can be shipped common carrier to your front door.Specifications:Volts: 12Ah: 75 AHLength: 10.16Width: 6.62Height: 8.35Lbs: 50.71

Weight 21 lbs
Dimensions 10.24 × 6.6 × 8.31 in
Ah Amp Hours





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