Universal Battery Watering 48-Volt System with Handpump


**This is a Universal 48V battery Watering System Basic Kit- Everything is provided for the kit, however the tubing is not cut or attached to any of the valves. INCLUDES THE HAND PUMP

This Battery Watering system is designed to give you the ability to maintain and fill the electrolyte level in your lead acid batteries from one point quickly and safely. Boats, Golf Carts, RV, Solar Systems, Yachts, no matter the vehicle or vessel we have you covered. If you are looking for a pro fill watering system for your 48-volt golf cart, look no further, this is it. This is an un-assembled kit that requires the tubing being cut between battery cells and the batteries. Cut to length and trim tubing to connect each cell within the battery system to give it a perfect fit.

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Universal Golf Cart Battery Watering System – 48-volt System

This Golf Cart Battery Watering system is designed to give you the parts you need to make your own battery watering system for your 48-volt golf cart or any application (Boats, Golf Cart, RV, Solar System, Yacht ,etc.) that operates on a 48-volt battery bank. Whether your system is comprised of eight 6-volt batteries, six 8-volt batteries, or even four 12-volt batteries this system will work.

This kit will fit ALL batteries EXCEPT Trojan T1275 and Trojan Plus Series

This Kit utilizes the VB-TBU battery valve which fits most manufactures or 6-volt and 8-volt golf cart batteries. If you are looking for a quality watering system for your golf cart this kit is designed by BWT (Battery Watering Technologies), is it. We also offer battery watering systems for your 36-volt golf carts or applications. It really is that simple! Your kit will include everything you need to complete the battery watering system for your battery bank.


The only thing that is required during installation is a rag and some scissors or razor blade. In some applications the tubing connecting each cell will need to be cut or trimmed to give it a perfect fit. Our tubing is very durable, resistant to all things related but very easy to cut with a razor, sharp knife, scissors or cutter type pliers.

You can refer to our Blog Post for installation instructions and when your system is delivered you will receive a easy to use installation guide.

If you do not want to use this universal kit and want the specific pre-cut pre assembled kit that is designed for your specific application or golf cart, just click link below or give us a call! 

Part Number Description Quantity
VB-TBU Valves 24
08TUB6 1/4″ Tubing 10′
08T666N T-Piece 6-6-6 3
08CAP6 End Cap 4
09BDCAP Dust Cap 1
09MBLU1 1/4″ Male Connector 1

Guide: K2400B-GLFBCTB

Valve Guide: Commercial_Valve_Guide

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 7.5 in


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