Windshield, CLEAR 1-Piece Windshield, Fits Yamaha G29/Drive (2007-2016)


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This windshield is for carts with a factory mount top and comes with the orginal rubber mounting bolt. All mounting hardware is provided in the false bottom of the box. Built with a cost-effective acrylic thickness. Specifically, 0.168-inch nominal thickness, OPTIX Acrylic. If you’re looking for a more robust windshield purchase a windshield with a thickness of 0.220-inches. This windshield will be packaged individually for damage-free shipping with a protective film applied to both sides. This is a high-quality windshield made in America since 1993. You may also want to consider wind blockers and air dams to help effectively eliminate the wind drafts from above the windshield. This is a quality RedDot Product.

Weight 10.01 lbs
Dimensions 48.01 × 36.01 × 10.01 in


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